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We provide the most comprehensive estate liquidation services to assist with all of life's transitions.​​​



An online auction is ideal for small collections - not for large estates. Items are sold online with local pick-up. Supports HOA rules, gated communities, and privacy concerns.

Online auctions are a 60/40 commission split (60% client, 40% liquidator) from gross proceeds. Online auctions range from a 10 up to a 14 day process. Post sale cleanouts may be an additional cost. 

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An onsite estate sale is ideal for an estate full of several decades of furniture, collectibles and household goods. The most  effective process to liquidate 85% at maximum value.

Estate sales are "commissioned based" and are a 60/40 split (60% client, 40% liquidator) from gross proceeds. Estate sales are a 10-14 day process. Post sale cleanouts may be an additional cost. 

Estate Sales

An estate buyout is ideal for a partial or smaller estate with a small amount of items. Supports rural areas, HOA rules, gated communities, privacy concerns and time constraints. 

Estate buyouts range from no commission to 30% commission from gross proceeds, depending on the process. Buyouts are fast and efficient and can be done in a week. Post sale cleanouts may be an additional cost. 

Estate Buyouts



Thanks again for all of your help. It’s been nice to feel like I have my “homework “ done... I really appreciate it. I have your information and will be sure to refer people that would be beneficial to your biz! You never see that kind of customer service and I definitely appreciate it.​

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Wow! I can't believe you got through all of that stuff. We were so overwhelmed. Can't believe that crowd - Great advertising! You guys are awesome!

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An estate appraisal is ideal or necessary for probate, large charitable donation values, court or attorney ordered, insurance coverage, estate planning or to settle family disputes. 

An estate appraisal rate is $90 per hour. The International Society of Appraisers and Uniform Standards and Professional Appraisal Practices are always strictly adhered to. 

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