What's Not - Antiques, 1980s, 1990s & 2000s Furniture & Decor:

Heavily fabric furniture, southwestern furniture, heavy and large oak furniture, large heavy desks and bookcases, mattresses, large dark wood dining room tables and hutches, large cabinets, particle board bookcases and other pieces, framed prints and posters of objects, VHS tapes, tube television sets, Avon collectibles, worn and solid furniture, random garage parts and pieces (wires, cords, cables), brass lamps, used clothes, and more.

What's Hot - Mid Century Modern (1950s - 1970s) Furniture, Art & Decor:

Danish modern, teak and walntut furniture, streamlined, bold and colorful art and decor, funky lighting, vintage barware, vintage stereo equipment and vinyl records, vintage clocks, metal and glass sculptures, vintage holiday, some antiques, and more.

Pictorial Guide to Market Demand & On-trend Items.

​In "What's My Stuff Worth" section, we've discussed market trends and what is forecasted to be in-demand and on-trend for 2024. Below, we have assembled a pictorial guide of examples of what's hot and what's not to help you visualize these trends.